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How to make a glue stick - read our instructions
How to make a glue stick – read our instructions

We are glad to see you on Best Glue Stick – site about PVA and hot glue stick, hot glue guns, glue stick crafts, glue gun, and glue painting projects

Glue sticks and hot glue are widely used in schools, offices, and workshops. PVA sticks non-toxic, convenient, and reliable for gluing card and paper sheets together. Some of them have great strength. You can choose from a wide variety of sticks: permanent or washable, compact and bigger, made for fabric and paper, etc. They are convenient,  don’t get your hands dirty, and dry quickly.

Hot glue is perfect for many DIY projects. If you still don’t have a glue gun, there is no excuse not get one. The price range allows finding something for everyone. You can buy cheap basic, but dependable glue gun, at the higher end, you can spend $150+, which are more like a hot glue Rolls Royce. For most people, a standard $20-$40 gun is a nice choice.

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