Colored Glue Sticks

Colored glue sticks are perfect to complement applications where a glue seam is visible and needs to match a projects color scheme.

Glittered Color Hot Glue Sticks

Color glue sticks are available in variety packs or sold as individual colors to complete a specific project – some of the popular color choices include caramel, light blue, burgundy, copper metallic, forest green, ivory, orange, yellow and red. Also, a series of hot melt glue sticks in a choice of assorted glitter colors are available.

A multi-temp colored glue stick – combined with a quality glue gun offers a fantastic accessory to assist in the vast array arts and crafts, home decorating, upholstery, and costume designing projects.

A pack of general purpose colored hot glue sticks is perfect to control in a low, high, or dual temperature glue applicator, and offers an ability to bond to either non-porous or porous materials.

Operating a glue gun is usually a simple process – with a softening point for the glue at 178° F, an open time of some 40 – 60 seconds, and sized 4-inch in length x 7/16-inch in diameter to fit most regular sized glue applicators.

Besides the color glue sticks – other glue specific options include low temperature sticks for packaging (coated paper, cartons, etc.), jewelry sticks (bond beads, sequins, gemstones, etc.), fabric sticks (ribbon, lace, vinyl, etc.) to carpeting or woodwork for a very strong and durable hold.

Glue sticks (colored, glittered and transparent), hot melt glue guns, and related accessories are available at the market

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  1. I’ve used glitter glue guns are fun for crafting! I like all the colors! Be aware that the in glitter sticks glitter is colored but the glue is mostly clear, it will be lighter than the sticks look when you use them.

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