Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks Pack

8 x 7 x 1.2 inches Gorilla hot glue sticks in the pack are made of high temperature thermoplastic, vinyl based material. High temperature hot glue is much more durable than usual medium or low-temperature.

I’ve been using the gorilla hot glue sticks and have been very happy with the results. Not sure about the 45s working time, but it seems to be much longer than other brands. I worked with a dual temp 20 watt gun on the high setting. Haven’t had any out in hot weather yet, but hopefully it’ll hold up.

I also glued two seperate blocks of coro, and wood with the glue. Surprisingly, the wood and coro seemed to pull apart about the same for Gorilla and noname glues.  So my conclusion is that either glue will have the same holding strength for a short period of time. I think, it will be significant difference with the time and in hot weather

The one main difference is that the Gorilla glue flow out much easier then the noname stuff.  It doesn’t drip any more than the off brand, it just takes less finger pressure, thus enabling me to make a straighter more consistent bead of glue. Surprisingly, it also takes less time to heat it up and use the gun, about 30-50% the time.

The real secret of using Gorilla glue is to regulate the temperature so the glue so it barely melts. It is like welding – too hot and you can melt your material (if you use foam or something alike), too cool and it doesn’t stick. Most hot glue guns are 20-40 watts and a common light dimmer switch for light bulb works great for your gun.

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