Make a Toy Car in 5 Minutes Using Hot Glue

Here is a fun and unique toy idea you can make for your kids using your hot glue gun.

Looking for a fun, sunny day project for your kids? This one will keep you just 5 minutes, will utilize some odds and ends lying around your house and give the kids a new toy to play with outside. Gather these supplies:

1. Find a piece of wood. Ideally you’ll want a six inch length of two-by-four but any piece at least one inch tall, two inches wide and up to twelve inches long will work.

2. You’ll need four drill bits. They don’t have to be any particular size and they don’t have to match. This is perfect for those rusty or dull bits.

3. You need four pieces of hard plastic. Lids from milk or juice jugs, water or soda bottles, anything of that strength will work.

4. You need eight washers or nuts. You need two of these for each of the drill bits, and the opening of each should be just a little larger than the drill bit they will go on.

5. Get some hot glue.

6. Search your craft cabinet for spare sand paper, acrylic glue, stickers, markers, ribbon, staples or whatever your kiddos might like to decorate with.

Start by drilling a hole in one corner of the wood block on the height edge (the two inch edge, if using a six inch two-by-four.) You should drill until you are about half way into the block of wood or the threads are completely into the wood.

Next, drill a hole with the same drill bit into plastic piece. It should turn freely on the smooth end of the drill bit. Set aside.

Put a washer or nut where the threading meets the smooth end of the drill bit. Glue washer or nut in place. Reinsert the drill bit into hole in wood. Glue into place. Repeat with other 3 drill bits, nuts and plastic pieces.

Place the plastic piece on drill bit used to make the hole. It should turn freely. Next, place the other washer or nut on the outside edge of the drill bit, glue into place. Repeat with other three wheels.

A swipe of sand paper, a splash of paint and a wipe of markers will make this car fun for hours.

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