Make Junkanoo Costume of Crepe Paper and Glue Stick

Main supplies:


1. Draw a 5” x 8” neck opening on paper bag center bottom with pencil. Draw lines 7 1/2” from paper bag bottom on each side of bag for arm openings. Measure and mark lines 7” and 9” down center front of costume. Round lines from shoulder area. Draw a straight line down center back. Cut arm openings at underarm and sides only, as seen in diagram.

2. Costume Body: Pull paper bag sides open and flatten side folds. Starting at the costume bottom (top opening of paper bag), apply a line of glue stick from center back line to side fold. Stick a 2” wide strip of blue crepe paper on glued edge. Turn bag over to front side of costume. Apply glue stick along bottom edge. Stick crepe paper on glued edge. Turn bag over and finish gluing strip at costume center back. Apply glue stick above previous row. Stick another 2” crepe paper strip above previous row, overlapping strips about 1/2”. Apply five rows of blue crepe paper strips around costume bottom. Fill body area up to rounded chest lines with turquoise strips. Repeat on each sleeve opening (wing).

3. Ruffled Feathers: Apply glue stick along 9” rounded line at chest. Stick lime green crepe paper strip on glued starting point. Push crepe paper strip over glue toward starting point, gathering it as you are gluing the ruffled strip around the curved line. Overlap three rows of lime green crepe paper strips. Then apply about seven rows of ruffled white crepe paper strips. Finish the ruffled center front by folding and gathering a 2” x 9” white crepe paper strip in half lengthwise. Glue on costume top center. Cut out neck opening. Cut open costume center back to neck opening.

4. Tail Feathers: Cut eight 2” x 20” lengths lime green crepe paper. Loop strips in half. Glue strips inside costume back.

5. Head: On the remaining paper bag, mark a line around bag 10” from open end. Cut this section for head. Place open bag top around head. Bring sides together at head front and staple. Staple head top opening smaller than head opening. Crease a diagonal fold line from head opening staple to head top staple. Draw a line on both head sides along crease. Cut rounded beak top. Staple beak layers together. Starting at head bottom, glue turquoise crepe paper strips around head and stopping at beak. Glue blue crepe paper strips around head top. Glue orange crepe paper strips diagonally, along penciled crease line covering beak. Repeat on other side of beak. Trim edges evenly. Cut eyes from white construction paper and pupils from black construction paper. Glue in position on head sides.

6. Green Plumes: Cut seven 6” x 2” lengths green crepe paper. Fold each in half lengthwise. Bring short ends together. Overlap and staple. Glue stapled ends in opening of head top.

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