Best Glue Gun Review 2020

A very versatile tool, the hot glue gun assists in countless decorating, art & crafts, or hobby projects in a home or workshop environment, including those general household duties to toy repairs. The hot glue is great. It is easy to apply and as the glue cools, it reaches maximum strength in seconds. Of course, it doesn’t work on all materials and is largely used only in specific craft and industrial applications. The glue sticks have different shapes, colors, some are hot, some cold. Therefore, you should think what you want to use it for and how to choose the best glue gun.

Hot melt glue works for most materials (except some low-melting, such as aircraft model foam). The disadvantage is that hot glue cools longer and may burn you.  The cold melt glue gun is still hot but has a lower temperature. Normally better to have 2 guns with different temperatures or one with dual temp.

For larger projects, you need to use glue sticks with a larger diameter (they are cost-effective) and a larger gun.

General info

A glue gun is a must-have for everyone who owns a house. That’s right, it’s that simple – if you have a house, you just gotta have a glue gun. Can you imagine what would it be, if you were not able to glue two things together, when it came to the fact that those two things don’t stick together naturally, and you absolutely had to stick ‘em together?

Whatever it might be, a running sneaker falling apart just before your son’s big competition, or the dining room chair, scratched badly by the cat just as the guests are pulling up in the drive-way, the answer is one and only one – a glue gun. Even if you’re not an avid crafter, or you don’t feel comfortable around all these nowadays gadgets, a glue gun is super-simple to use, and once you take a glue gun in your hands and glue something (that was meant to be glued), you won’t settle for anything less in the future, like utilizing the plain old glue tube.

First of all, when you use a glue gun, chances are that you’ll make a much smaller mess, if any. A glue gun dispenses glue right where you want it to. Moreover, a glue gun does that in controlled quantities. No need to worry about glue not coming out and giving it a squeeze too-hard, which results in glue all over your fingers and floor. Another nice thing about glue guns is that they come in various types, like professional-grade glue guns, or crafter glue guns, so you’ll always know which one to use. For instance, if just the momma’s china is starting to crack, you won’t fire up the glue gun you employed when building the gazebo over the hot tub.

Wait. Glue guns? I don’t need glue guns, I don’t even know if I want to have one of ‘em.

Good point. But since the glue guns are pretty inexpensive, even the professional ones, you can easily get a few of them and be sure their quality is absolutely the best. Sure, inexpensive doesn’t mean you should go out and get yourself a glue gun for $2.99, but for about twenty bucks, a reliable high-end model will certainly be available at your local tool store.

Secondly, when owning a household, a lot of different problems come with that. One day it’s the leakage in the kitchen, then it’s the kids with their school projects. The car. The roof. Anything may need some glue to fix it. More glue, less glue. Whatever. You can’t do all that with just ONE glue gun. Get two glue guns. You won’t regret it. Get one for yourself, and get one for the kids and wife.

After you get yourself a glue gun, you’ll come to realize what endless opportunities arise to utilize it. We cannot stress enough how easy it is to use one, so there’ll be no more “Maybe I should do it tomorrow” or “Ah, not gluing my fingers again”. You’ll witness yourself transform from being inept around tools to becoming totally-glue-gun-crazy.

Dual Temp Glue Guns

Best High-Power Glue Gun by BSTPOWER - Adjustable Temperature, 100W, Non-drip-Nozzle
Best Glue Gun with Adjustable Temperature

Device with dual temperature settings is the best glue gun for both cold and hot glue sticks.

You need low-temp mode preserve papers, fabrics, and Styrofoam. It is good for lace, fabric, and foam. Even for a low-temp task, you may turn it on in high-temp to heat up very quickly and then switch to low. In a low-temp option, you have no issues with dripping while the gun isn’t used. Better do not leave the gun on for hours without using it. The lower setting doesn’t burn you when touches your skin. It is hot but usually, you can safely roll up the glue off from your fingers.

The high-temp mode is great for glass, wood, and metal. This option is handy for larger projects, you may keep glue coming steadily. Sometimes you can even run in high-temperature mode with low-temp sticks. In this case, the glue comes out very sticky and you have cooling time to glue everything in place properly. Also, you can keep the gun in high mode when working and then switch it to low in pauses so it will not constantly drip.

Cordless Glue Guns

Best glue gun - cordless
Best cordless glue gun from Ryobi

A cordless hot glue gun is a straightforward tool to operate – it is a simple case of inserting a glue stick, pulling the applicators trigger and it soon dispenses quick bonding glue. A perfect solution for repairing a variety of materials, such as ceramic, fabric, plastics, wood or vinyl. A light or heavy-duty glue gun can accept general purpose, medium to extra strong glue sticks. Although flexibility in performance is available with a gun able to provide low and high temperature gluing in a single, compact unit. These accept dual-temperature glue sticks, and switching between applications comes with a one-touch dial.

Cordless guns commonly have a dual temperature adjustment. Some of them run on AA batteries and are good for small jobs. But usually alkaline batteries run down fast, NiHd elements take a long time to heat up.

Rechargeable cordless hot glue guns are more convenient, but cheap ones don’t last very long and have short working time. The best cordless glue guns work at high temperature for an hour and more, work from battery and cord. Some of them have additional plugs to work with 12-volt power outlets of your vehicle.


High Power Glue Guns

The volume of glue distributed is simple to control with a nozzle check and trigger feed, resulting in an overall even application – these ensure a secure hold for the length of the fix or repair. Common features to a well-built glue applicator include fast heat up, bonds in 45 – 60 seconds, heats up in 5 minutes; a trigger feed mechanism for controlling the glues flow, built-in stand, a contoured grip for precise control and comfort, and often comes in a lightweight design. A foldout stand can also feature for ease in storage as well as safe operation.

Best High-Power Glue Gun by BSTPOWER

Low-power guns work well for the small jobs. When you are working with something big, after you put about a half of the glue stick through the gun, the glue stops to come out. You will have the same problem with another low-power glue guns, they are not meant for continuous work. Cheap and simple guns don’t have a thermostat, they consume constant low power to keep them from overheating.

The second problem appears when you use large glue sticks, they heat slowly because of the big volume of glue.

High power glue guns solve both problems but it MUST have a thermostat or at least low/high modes, or it will boil the glue coming out! Anti-overheating systems save energy, allows to use powerful heaters with minimum warm-up time and high efficiency and minimize dripping. Some guns have the heater component made of PTC – Positive Temperature Coefficient resistance. It automatically lowers the power when heated and heats very fast.

A hot melt glue gun is perfect for a multitude of small to medium-sized projects, where a quick fix is in need, or where its more preferable to avoid using a clamp. Moreover, just as useful for holding hinges in position while marking out and pre-drilling the screw holes.

A quality hotmelt glue gun works amazingly well, should not circum to clogs or leaks, and able to accept standard, extra strong to dual temperature glue sticks.

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