Make Junkanoo Costume of Crepe Paper and Glue Stick

Main supplies:


1. Draw a 5” x 8” neck opening on paper bag center bottom with pencil. Draw lines 7 1/2” from paper bag bottom on each side of bag for arm openings. Measure and mark lines 7” and 9” down center front of costume. Round lines from shoulder area. Draw a straight line down center back. Cut arm openings at underarm and sides only, as seen in diagram.

2. Costume Body: Pull paper bag sides open and flatten side folds. Starting at the costume bottom (top opening of paper bag), apply a line of glue stick from center back line to side fold. Stick a 2” wide strip of blue crepe paper on glued edge. Turn bag over to front side of costume. Apply glue stick along bottom edge. Stick crepe paper on glued edge. Turn bag over and finish gluing strip at costume center back. Apply glue stick above previous row. Stick another 2” crepe paper strip above previous row, overlapping strips about 1/2”. Apply five rows of blue crepe paper strips around costume bottom. Fill body area up to rounded chest lines with turquoise strips. Repeat on each sleeve opening (wing).

3. Ruffled Feathers: Apply glue stick along 9” rounded line at chest. Stick lime green crepe paper strip on glued starting point. Push crepe paper strip over glue toward starting point, gathering it as you are gluing the ruffled strip around the curved line. Overlap three rows of lime green crepe paper strips. Then apply about seven rows of ruffled white crepe paper strips. Finish the ruffled center front by folding and gathering a 2” x 9” white crepe paper strip in half lengthwise. Glue on costume top center. Cut out neck opening. Cut open costume center back to neck opening.

4. Tail Feathers: Cut eight 2” x 20” lengths lime green crepe paper. Loop strips in half. Glue strips inside costume back.

5. Head: On the remaining paper bag, mark a line around bag 10” from open end. Cut this section for head. Place open bag top around head. Bring sides together at head front and staple. Staple head top opening smaller than head opening. Crease a diagonal fold line from head opening staple to head top staple. Draw a line on both head sides along crease. Cut rounded beak top. Staple beak layers together. Starting at head bottom, glue turquoise crepe paper strips around head and stopping at beak. Glue blue crepe paper strips around head top. Glue orange crepe paper strips diagonally, along penciled crease line covering beak. Repeat on other side of beak. Trim edges evenly. Cut eyes from white construction paper and pupils from black construction paper. Glue in position on head sides.

6. Green Plumes: Cut seven 6” x 2” lengths green crepe paper. Fold each in half lengthwise. Bring short ends together. Overlap and staple. Glue stapled ends in opening of head top.

Make a Toy Car in 5 Minutes Using Hot Glue

Here is a fun and unique toy idea you can make for your kids using your hot glue gun.

Looking for a fun, sunny day project for your kids? This one will keep you just 5 minutes, will utilize some odds and ends lying around your house and give the kids a new toy to play with outside. Gather these supplies:

1. Find a piece of wood. Ideally you’ll want a six inch length of two-by-four but any piece at least one inch tall, two inches wide and up to twelve inches long will work.

2. You’ll need four drill bits. They don’t have to be any particular size and they don’t have to match. This is perfect for those rusty or dull bits.

3. You need four pieces of hard plastic. Lids from milk or juice jugs, water or soda bottles, anything of that strength will work.

4. You need eight washers or nuts. You need two of these for each of the drill bits, and the opening of each should be just a little larger than the drill bit they will go on.

5. Get some hot glue.

6. Search your craft cabinet for spare sand paper, acrylic glue, stickers, markers, ribbon, staples or whatever your kiddos might like to decorate with.

Start by drilling a hole in one corner of the wood block on the height edge (the two inch edge, if using a six inch two-by-four.) You should drill until you are about half way into the block of wood or the threads are completely into the wood.

Next, drill a hole with the same drill bit into plastic piece. It should turn freely on the smooth end of the drill bit. Set aside.

Put a washer or nut where the threading meets the smooth end of the drill bit. Glue washer or nut in place. Reinsert the drill bit into hole in wood. Glue into place. Repeat with other 3 drill bits, nuts and plastic pieces.

Place the plastic piece on drill bit used to make the hole. It should turn freely. Next, place the other washer or nut on the outside edge of the drill bit, glue into place. Repeat with other three wheels.

A swipe of sand paper, a splash of paint and a wipe of markers will make this car fun for hours.

Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks Pack

8 x 7 x 1.2 inches Gorilla hot glue sticks in the pack are made of high temperature thermoplastic, vinyl based material. High temperature hot glue is much more durable than usual medium or low-temperature.

I’ve been using the gorilla hot glue sticks and have been very happy with the results. Not sure about the 45s working time, but it seems to be much longer than other brands. I worked with a dual temp 20 watt gun on the high setting. Haven’t had any out in hot weather yet, but hopefully it’ll hold up.

I also glued two seperate blocks of coro, and wood with the glue. Surprisingly, the wood and coro seemed to pull apart about the same for Gorilla and noname glues.  So my conclusion is that either glue will have the same holding strength for a short period of time. I think, it will be significant difference with the time and in hot weather

The one main difference is that the Gorilla glue flow out much easier then the noname stuff.  It doesn’t drip any more than the off brand, it just takes less finger pressure, thus enabling me to make a straighter more consistent bead of glue. Surprisingly, it also takes less time to heat it up and use the gun, about 30-50% the time.

The real secret of using Gorilla glue is to regulate the temperature so the glue so it barely melts. It is like welding – too hot and you can melt your material (if you use foam or something alike), too cool and it doesn’t stick. Most hot glue guns are 20-40 watts and a common light dimmer switch for light bulb works great for your gun.

Blusmart Mini Hot Glue Gun

Cheap and simple 20W glue gun, that heats up in 3-5 minutes, has power switch with LED light. The gun comes with 25 transparent glue sticks 0.3″ in diameter.

Working temperature: 370℉, nozzle diameter: 0.070 inch, cable length: 47″
Size: 5.1″ x 4.3″ x 1″

Bluesmart  reminds me of the “Noisy Cricket” from Men in Black. It works with smaller glue sticks, which allow having a lot more control for precise work.  The gun has a little metal “kick stand,” but it isn’t very convenient and I use the stand from my old glue gun.

It is simple to use, and lots of glue included. Heat up, shove in, trigger a few times, splooge out some hot nasty white/clear goo.

Despite the low power, it get’s hot fast and able to use within minutes. Probably because the sticks are small in diameter. The on and off button makes it more convenient.

It a welcomed bonus to have the included extra long glue sticks included. I was able to cut in half and now have double the number. Cutting them in half made them around the same length as regular glue sticks for a minigun. Great for the projects where are not needed large volumes of glue.


Colored Glue Sticks

Colored glue sticks are perfect to complement applications where a glue seam is visible and needs to match a projects color scheme.

Glittered Color Hot Glue Sticks

Color glue sticks are available in variety packs or sold as individual colors to complete a specific project – some of the popular color choices include caramel, light blue, burgundy, copper metallic, forest green, ivory, orange, yellow and red. Also, a series of hot melt glue sticks in a choice of assorted glitter colors are available.

A multi-temp colored glue stick – combined with a quality glue gun offers a fantastic accessory to assist in the vast array arts and crafts, home decorating, upholstery, and costume designing projects.

A pack of general purpose colored hot glue sticks is perfect to control in a low, high, or dual temperature glue applicator, and offers an ability to bond to either non-porous or porous materials.

Operating a glue gun is usually a simple process – with a softening point for the glue at 178° F, an open time of some 40 – 60 seconds, and sized 4-inch in length x 7/16-inch in diameter to fit most regular sized glue applicators.

Besides the color glue sticks – other glue specific options include low temperature sticks for packaging (coated paper, cartons, etc.), jewelry sticks (bond beads, sequins, gemstones, etc.), fabric sticks (ribbon, lace, vinyl, etc.) to carpeting or woodwork for a very strong and durable hold.

Glue sticks (colored, glittered and transparent), hot melt glue guns, and related accessories are available at the market

Hot Glue Sticks Application

The main aim of this article is to enlighten the readers about the application of the well known Hot Glue Sticks in many areas in our daily life. Things like gluing, welding, soldering and similar activities have become a part and parcel of our life (wiki). Inventions, research activities, engineering works, construction and even health care are not possible without the said activities in some kind of forms.

Hence it is important for the readers to have some knowledge on these unique materials. Interestingly these materials even suggest the community a moral lesson on unity which is badly needed in this world. One can even say that adhesives represent bondage of love among the world community at large. Read further to know more details about the Hot Glue Sticks in our daily life.

Hot Glue Sticks – a Great Tool in Crafts

Craft hobbyists across the worldwide use the adhesives for joining various kinds of materials for their displays. Importantly they use the right type of blue materials which are stronger enough to fix the desired materials and also would not produce a mess on the surface of their crafts.

Hence they always look for the adhesives of a special kind. In this situation, the well known Hot Glue Sticks, come very handy to these individuals. Also these sticks are widely used in many industries for bonding materials of various kinds. The main features of these unique adhesives include flexibility as well as its practical usage in every aspect ranging from craft to plane or shipbuilding.

It is believed that a chemical engineer by name Paul Cope has invented these sticks in the year 1904. He has made the water-based glues which is used using the glue gun for bonding various materials. The Hot Glue Sticksgot its name as the glue gun heats and melts the portion of these glue sticks. By this heating method, the liquefied stick is released outward from the hot gun by an automatic trigger system used in the whole gadget.

Various Uses of Hot Glue Sticks

The Hot Glue Sticks come in various types as per the need of the applications in the industries. The hot guns come in various types of styles such as acrylic and plastic adhesives as well various kinds of glue sticks. Multifunctional hot guns are used in most of the industries by which one can use the same gun with various adhesives at all temperature. Of course, there are special guns which are to be exclusively used for certain type of adhesives. These special guns are used in aviation industries where the bondage tolerance is at zero level.

Most of these sticks come in normal colors like blue, red and green. However, these sticks also come with black and other glittering colors according to their applications. The hot gun was invented by an engineer by name Robert Brooklyns. These guns help to hold a large variety of materials together and release them with simple operations done by the expert workers. Maintenance of these guns is very much essential and poses a daunting task for the industrial users across the world. By proper upkeep one is assured to have proper glue sticks around.

Tips While Using the Hot Glue Sticks

While using the Hot Glue Sticks one need to know the aspect of safety whether in a home or at workplaces. While working in homes these sticks are to be kept away from kids as they always see the fun when the glue melts. Hence these guns are to be kept in a place where kids will not reach and use the unit as a toy. While using the electrically powered Hot Glue Sticksone has to ensure these guns are kept in a proper place which are away from carpets and other wood materials. As the sticks are flammable more care is needed while using these sticks especially in homes as well in posh offices. Testing the gun before use is mandatory in order to get the best results.