How to Make Slime With Glue Stick

The gooey playtime slime has been known for decades and isn’t going to lose popularity among children.
Fluffy slime is squishy but fairly solid, like soft bubble gum. Plus, you can do it yourself with your babies, and there are many ways to personalize your slime. We’ll tell you, how to make slime with glue stick with cool color and smell, a rainbow-colored slime and even pearlescent sheen one. Along the way, your little ones will pick up some general skills in mixing and measurement.




1. How to Make Slime With Glue Stick, Shaving Cream, and Contact Lens Solution

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This is a borax-free three-component recipe. You may add any food coloring for adding colors and food flavoring for a nice smell.

  1. You need a washable glue stick. The more glue, the bigger will be the slime.
  2. Take the glue and cut it to pieces, put in a microwave-safe glass.
  3. Heat the glue stick in the in the microwave for about 20 seconds (depends on the amount of glue) to soften and melt the glue.
  4. Mix the melted glue with eye drops or contact lens solution (about 1 tablespoon per stick).
  5. If you wish, add few drops of food coloring and flavoring, make sure it is mixed in.
  6. Add shaving cream and mix, add more cream and repeat until it forms a ball and doesn’t stick to the edge of the glass.
  7. Knead the glue stick slime with your hands, adding a little contact lens liquid if it is too sticky. Do not hurry, as you knead, the slime gets less sticky without the liquid too.


cutting a glue
Cut the glue stick and place it in a glass
Mixing with a food coloring
After heating mix the glue with a food cooloring and contact lens solution
Mix the glue with a shaving foam
Mix the glue with a shaving foam
glue stick slime
Knead the glue stick slime with your hands

Ingredients (click photo to check the prices)



2. How to Make Slime With a Glue Stick, Wax Crayon, and Laundry Detergent

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  1. Cut a glue stick and a wax crayon into smaller pieces and microwave the mixture.
  2. Mix the glue with a teaspoon of laundry detergent. Add a little detergent and mix until it forms a ball
  3. Knead the slime.
  4. Let it dry for few minutes

You can add a mixture of water and baking soda to make the slime less sticky if you want.

Glue stick with wax crayon
Glue stick with wax crayon
Melt and mix
Melt and mix
Add detergent and mix
Add detergent and mix
after mixing, knead by hands
After mixing, knead by hands

3. Metal Fluffy Glue Stick Slime by KidsMon

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4. How to Make Glue Stick Slime With Toothpaste

It is the simplest recipe, you need only gel toothpaste and glue stick (clear or white liquid PVA glue), and that is all!

Melt the glue, or just use liquid PVA glue, add some toothpaste, mix. Repeat until your slime is ready.


4. Ready-to-play Slimes

4.1 Meland Clear Crystal Slime Kit

The kit is CE certified and completely safe for children, suggested for children age 3+. The slime itself isn’t as stretchy as some others but it feels great on the grip of your hand. Consists of non-toxic material – purified water and gelatin.  It is non-stick, water-soluble, and won’t make a mess when you play with.Meland Slime kit gives your hands a cooling feel, comes with three different molds and three straws, you and your children can even make bubbles with the straw. There are  12 different colors in the separate containers (1.88 Ounce/53g each color).

Colors: transparent, fuchsia, dark blue, light green, light blue, pink-purple, red, orange-red, orange, yellow, purple, dark green. Slimes the smell good, the colors are bright and each slime has silver glitter. It is stretchy and completely transparent with all the colors. Great gift choice for a birthday, Christmas and all holidays.

4.2 Fluffy Floam Slime from AUNOOL

Aunol slime is ASTM certified, made of polymeric materials, water, gelling agents, fillers, preservatives, and colorants. Safe for 5+ years old kids.The slime is really big – 7 oz, soft and non-sticky, made of scented flavor colorful foam beads. It is more elastic than Meland one and does not tear when you stretch it. Comes in 4 separate round containers – red, pink, green, and blue. Colors are bright, the slime is opaque and comes with the little foam balls to give texture to the slime

4.3 Soft Fruit Putty Colorful Slime

Include “fruit” slimes watermelon, orange, lemon, cantaloupe, kiwi fruit, pitaya. The fruit shape imprinted on the back of slime box, the slimes are transparent.The pack has crystal, soft, smooth, and stretch long slimes made with environmentally friendly raw materials, 100% safe and non-toxic. Only for kids 3+

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